English Heritage and Sash Windows

I was reading an article the other day about English Heritage, whose aim it is to teach us to enjoy, care, understand and value bygone eras and all the beautiful things built by our predecessors.

English Heritage’s view on sash windows is clear: keeping them makes practical sense. They were made from wood that simply isn’t available anymore and nowadays we just don’t have the resources the Victorian’s had to make them. That’s why, in most cases, original sash windows far outlast modern replacements.

Replacing sash windows with UPVC doesn’t make ecological sense either, as it takes a lot of energy to produce them, they only last about twenty years and then end up in landfill. Enough said!

English Heritage also believe sash windows lend character and are unique to your property. They tell us the majority of estate agents say that original features help a property to sell more quickly and add financial value.

20% of heat loss in a home with sash windows is through the windows themselves, with the majority escaping through gaps rather than the glass. So having them refurbished by SPS and plugging those gaps, will not only keep you warmer, it’ll save you money too.