Draft Proofing and Insulating Sash Windows

There are many different methods used to draft proof original Victorian sash windows. The most common process is to remove the staff and parting beads and simply replace them with new ones which have the weather strip already fitted to the beading itself. This “off the shelf” approach just isn’t effective, as it doesn’t take into consideration the gaps that are usually present where the top sash meets the top frame and where the bottom sash sits on the sill. It is effectively just a half job to merely fit a draft proofing weather strip, as the majority of drafts and especially noise enters through the gaps that remain.

Through experience, we conclude that Victorian sash windows can’t be draft proofed properly unless the windows are fully refurbished. This is because the original frames, for various reasons in most cases, aren’t as square now as they once were. The sashes themselves however, have been kept square by the glass. This is why we believe the majority of our competitor’s methods of draft proofing aren’t as good as our bespoke fitting procedure, because “square pegs don’t go into round holes”.

In the last 10 years we have developed our own system which we believe is a more refined and a very effective method of draft proofing, leading to improved performance and superior appearance.

Our extensive refurbishment system allows for the sashes to be reshaped to fit the shape of the frame as it is now, not as it was 120 years or so ago. Having been reformed we fit the weather strip which incorporates a transparent plastic vein discreetly to the sashes themselves. This bespoke tailoring approach allows the windows to run very smoothly and offers greatly improved sound and draft proofing. Those irritating rattles are also taken care of and by the circumspect fitting of our unique draft proofing system, the charm and appeal of the original Victorian sash window is maintained.